MD5 Generator

This is a simple tool that will generate a MD5 hash based on a string.


MD5 hash:

Privacy note: We take your privacy very seriously. The encryption process uses Javascript, so your input doesn't even reach our server. We do not store or monitor your input in any way.

What is MD5?

Message-Digest 5, known simply as MD5, is one of the quickest and simplest ways to add security to the files and messages that you send and transfer.

It looks complicated, but it actually relies on a few simple ideas. To get a MD5 hash all you need to do is input your message string into a MD5 generator. This is an application that will apply an algorithm to the string -- the MD5 hash.

Once you have it, send the MD5 hash to the recipient and instruct them to put the string into the same MD5 generator. If they get an identical hash, then they got the exact file or message you sent.